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As a solicitor acting for parties in litigation, or as the party seeking help directly, you will know that clearly presented evidence from a forensic accountant expert can be key to the outcome of your case. It’s also vital that, beyond financial investigation and creating reports, your forensic accountant is skilled at giving evidence in court before a judge or jury.

Chris is an experienced forensic accountant and expert witness, acting frequently for claimants, defendants and as Single Joint Expert across a multitude of cases.

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Commercial Litigation

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Personal Injury

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What’s “Forensic” About Forensic Accounting?

That’s easy.  It has nothing to do with deerstalker hats or meerschaum pipes.  “Forensic” comes from Forum, the place in ancient Rome where justice was dispensed.  Now the courtroom is our forum.  So “forensic” means for the forum, or court, so a forensic accountant provides expert evidence to the court.  Put briefly, the forensic accountant deals with anything – civil, family or criminal – to do with the law and finance.

What Does Forensic Accounting Involve?

The work falls into three broad categories: civil & commercial, family and criminal.  It can involve the quantification of a commercial claim, the valuation of the family business, or investigation of financial discrepancies and inaccuracies such as fraud and financial misrepresentation or misconduct. It combines knowledge of accounting, auditing and investigating skills to provide analysis that can be used in legal proceedings. Forensic accountants need to have a good understanding of business

What Does A Forensic Accountant Cost?

Charges for providing a forensic report can vary. Depending on the size of the case, they could be “fixed-fee,” or an estimate may be provided if it is a large or complex case. Chris is always happy to look at a possible case without obligation, and without charge if not appointed.  Find out more on the fees page

What Does A Forensic Accountant Do?

Forensic accountants use their accounting and business skills to investigate the finances of individuals and businesses, to determine any financial irregularities, value a business or quantify a loss. Forensic accountants provide an expert witness report to the court based on their analysis. 

They are trained to look beyond the numbers and look at the true business situation. 

Any old chartered accountant will not do, since the forensic accountant must be a member of two professions: a very competent qualified accountant but also one trained in evidence gathering, expert report writing, helping solicitors and barristers, holding expert meetings, and ultimately giving evidence at court and surviving cross-examination.  Oh! And they must also know about the hot tub and about ADR such as Part 36 offers, mediation and expert determination.

In What Situation Might I Need A Forensic Accountant?

In many scenarios. The obvious scenario would be in investigating criminal activity and financial crime, such as fraud, but they can also be helpful in other cases. In civil cases a forensic accountant can assist in determining the outcome of disputes, insurance claims and personal injury, as well as disputes arising from divorce and other matrimonial cases

Chris does a little criminal defence work to assist solicitors, but since the legal aid rates for experts are stingy.  He spends most of his time on commercial and personal injury cases, valuing the family business in divorce, and on ADR: mediation and expert determination.

I Have A Case But I’m Not Sure If I Need A Forensic Accountant. What Should I Do?

Why not ask Chris to review the case. He offers a free, no-obligation case review, in which he will tell you if he can add value to you case.  If not, he will tell you and go away without charge – and he doesn’t even sulk!  

Or just ring him for a chat on 07887 660072.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Forensic Accountant?

An experienced forensic accountant can make sense of complex (or nonsensical!) financial information and sort through it efficiently, minimising time and costs. They can also provide a detailed report making sense of the information they have analysed. 

When Should A Forensic Accountant Be Retained?

As early as possible to get the maximum benefit. Their involvement early in the process can have a significant impact on time and cost savings. Forensic accountants can be useful in identifying required documents and help in preparing witness statements.

Importantly, a forensic accountant can identify the case where liability is really interesting but quantum is likely to be negligible, thus helping to weed out Pyrrhic victories.

Litigators should develop friendly relations with their forensic accountant, who can look at a case early on.

What Should I Consider When Retaining A Forensic Accountant?

It’s important to consider: 

  • The accountant’s experience and qualifications.
  • Retaining them as early as possible. A forensic accountant’s assistance early on in the process can help to reduce the overall cost, as well as maximise the benefit of the accountant’s experience.
  • Will you require the forensic account to appear as an Expert Witness? If so, you will need to give them access to all relevant documentation. Any restrictions imposed could impact on the acceptance of the findings. 

How Can A Forensic Accountant Help My Case?

In a variety of ways: 

  • Helping you make sense of detailed or nonsensical financial information by providing a clear report.
  • Helping you to identify hidden assets and other financial irregularities. 
  • Helping you to understand the true value of a person’s estate or business.
  • Acting as Expert Witness in your case.

What Assignments Does A Forensic Accountant Perform?

A forensic accountant can perform assignments on a range of topics including: 

  • Shareholders & Partnership Disputes
  • Business Interruption and other types of Insurance Claims
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Matrimonial Disputes
  • Business or Employee Fraud Investigations
  • Personal Injury Claims /Motor Vehicle Accidents/Fatal Accidents
  • Professional Negligence
  • Business Economic Losses
  • Mediation & Expert Determination

Forensic accountants can investigate and provide reports for cases on any of the above topics, or appear as Expert Witness for your case

When Is The Best Time In My Case To Hire A Forensic Accountant?

The earlier the better. You don’t want to wait until the last minute only to find your expert has been retained by the opposing party. A forensic accountant is valuable in deciphering complex financial information, identifying required documents and helping to prepare you to question a witness or opposing expert. 

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Chris has supported many legal cases during his career with his vast forensic accounting experience; each is completely unique and he approaches every case individually. That’s why Chris offers an initial review with no obligation to instruct him, to find out more about the value that he can add to your case.

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