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Who is Chris Makin?

Chris is a chartered accountant and has over 30 years experience in forensic accountancy, mediation & as an expert witness. He started as a “normal” accountant in general practice, acting for a range of clients from tax returns and market traders up to interesting expanding family companies, and as a sole practitioner he even audited a couple of PLCs.

Watch the short videos above and on later pages, to hear Chris explain what a Forensic Accountant does.

He grew his own practice, became a partner in a regional practice and then an international practice, which gave him vast experience in business, his own and his clients’, and valuable expertise which he is happy to share with others.

Why Chris Makin?

Although Chris has an abundance of experience and knowledge as a mediator and accountant he knows that it’s important that clients can afford his services, so he ensures that the cost of his services are less than the gains clients make by using him.

However, this does not prevent him from offering only the most professional and highest standard of work he is known for providing. As an expert witness, Chris ensures he is meeting the Civil Procedure Rules requirement for experts:
Part 35.3

  1. It is the duty of experts to help the court on matters within their expertise.
  2. This duty overrides any obligation to the person from whom experts have received instructions or by whom they are paid.


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A Potted History

Chris started his career in Leeds where he worked for a two-partner practice, which he eventually took over as a sole practitioner and grew to 18 staff. He then merged the practice with a West Yorkshire practice that in turn merged with an international practice with 250 partners.

He developed his forensic team, which he took with him when starting the Leeds office of another national firm, growing that into a full service office as managing partner and then national litigation head. He now practises from his home in West Yorkshire and London, on carefully selected legal cases that demand his extensive skills and experience.

Forensic Accountancy

Chris has been actively involved as a forensic accountant and expert witness since 1989, in a vast range of cases in the civil, criminal and family courts, and at public enquiries and professional standards tribunals.

Cases handled include loss of profits and consequential loss, business and share valuations, matrimonial valuations, partnership disputes, professional negligence, criminal and civil fraud investigations, personal injury, clinical negligence and fatal accidents, intellectual property, director disqualification, drug trafficking and proceeds of crime cases – the list goes on.


Disputes can be tough, resolving them can be even tougher. Chris helps by liaising with both parties to make sure an agreement is met, one that both parties can live with. Chris has experience as a civil and commercial mediator in many industries and activities. Using his extensive experience Chris helps parties reach a solution they can live with.

Expert Determination

As an expert determiner, Chris was one of the first 5 to be accredited by The Academy of Experts, the only body in the world, which offers this accreditation. With over 20 years of experience, he is on the panel of expert determiners for the president of ICAEW, of whom there are only about 100. He also acts as an examiner in expert determination for The Academy of Experts, where he is a fellow, one of only some 60 worldwide.

Forensic Accounting


Expert Determination

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