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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

This comes in many guises, but generally involves a company or partnership, or some other form of a business. Commercial litigation can be a difficult process so it’s important that commercial disputes related to things such as negligence, contractual failings, director disputes, unfair prejudice and many issues that can arise between parties involved, be dealt in a prompt and efficient manner.

This is where Chris shines. Commercial litigation is something he deals with on a daily basis and so he can help you or your clients get to the nub of the issue, explain the issues clearly, and help to reach a satisfactory outcome at reasonable cost.

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Commercial litigation makes up the major part of Chris’s work. It may include:

Acting for the Business: Interruption (the factory has burned down, so by inspection of past trading history, what profit would it otherwise have made?) or

Acting for the Insurer: The factory has burned down (was it heading for bankruptcy and so did the boss have a motive?) or

The Accountants or Solicitors: Has there been professional negligence, and has the business lost profit as a result? What profit should it have made? Or

The Partners: In a legal, accountancy or trading business the partners have fallen out, and one needs to leave. How much should he be paid? Or

The Directors: Of a company have fallen out, and reached deadlock. One will have to leave. What is the price the other ought to pay for his shares?

These are just a few examples of what commercial litigation can involve.

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Chris is a qualified commercial mediator and so his first approach is always to help clients reach a resolution out of court if at all possible. This not only saves time but also money!

As part of the service Chris provides, he offers an initial review of any case, without obligation to instruct him. If the matter does not proceed, he makes no charge. If you decide to go ahead and work with Chris, only then is this initial review included in the fee quote.

This means that it will cost you nothing to find out whether Chris can help you and add value to your cases. He makes this offer, as he is more than confident that the experience he has picked up in the last 20 years can come in handy in most cases. And if he feels his involvement is not needed, he will say so, and charge nothing for the advice.

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