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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Claims

Investigating a personal injury claim or case can be a complicated process; it requires thorough understanding of the parties and the business involved, projection of earnings or profits and many other factors. This may all sound complicated (and in most situations it is!) but an experienced expert accountant will have no difficulty investigating these financial details and presenting them in a logical way, by using simple language that can be understood by the informed layman i.e. lawyers and judges.

See below how Chris Makin can help in personal injury cases.

It matters not to Chris whether someone has been knocked down by a motor vehicle or suffered from a careless surgeon’s knife; if that person has had a personal injury so that they can’t work again, or has reduced earning capacity, he has to work out (again in a report to be presented to the court) how much, in his opinion, that person would have earned but for their injuries.

For fatal accidents, the process is the same except that, once he has established how much the deceased would have earned for the rest of their life, he then has to work out what his living expenses would have been.

The difference between lost earnings and saved living expenses is the loss of dependency claim; this is how much he would have had to spend on his dependents; hence, loss of dependency.

There are many complicated questions that come up during a personal injury claim and so it is important to have a specialist on board who can provide the answers and a comprehensive report to allow the court to make a clear decision.

Personal injury, clinical negligence and fatal accident claims are just some of many cases that Chris has had experience with.

Some years ago, he was asked to Chris Makin PDF Book on how to quantify the loss of self-employed earnings by David Kemp QC, the author of The Quantum of Damages, which is the leading legal textbook on personal injury.

He has special expertise with mesothelioma and other asbestos-relate claims, and he acted for five widows from the Selby rail tragedy.

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