Why appoint Chris?

If you have a dispute where a binding decision is required, preferably without spoiling business relationships with your adversary and using a form of dispute resolution which is far faster and cheaper than either arbitration or a full-blown court hearing, expert determination is probably the way to go.

Chris has particular expertise as an expert determiner.  He has conducted EDs for over 30 years, many on appointment by the President of ICAEW.  He sat on the ICAEW forensic committee for 14 years where, amongst other things, he worked with The Academy of Experts on agreeing on a set of rules to be adopted.

When The Academy launched its accreditation scheme for EDs, Chris was in the first group of only 5 candidates to win this accolade.  He is now an examiner in ED at The Academy, where he is one of only about 60 fellows worldwide, and where he has assessed about 60 aspirants for this highly demanding accreditation.

Chris Makin Mediator at his desk