Mediation Case Studies

Joint Ventures

Going to the dogs?

Two men had run a greyhound syndicate for some time, but had fallen out over unpaid kennel fees. Each wanted the dogs and bitches which would preserve the blood lines registered to them; neither wanted to be caught having to pay what they regarded as the other’s unpaid kennel fees under joint and several liability. As time went on the kennel owners were impatient for payment, and there was a risk the dogs could be seized in lieu of rent.

Back to the old Excel spreadsheet!

Before the mediation, Chris drew up a spreadsheet setting out all the animals, with columns for their values to be agreed, and the syndicate’s debts. The spreadsheet would automatically calculate the imbalance, until equality was achieved.

True needs were met

So the values of the “assets” (the dogs) were agreed, responsibility for payment of the debts was agreed, and there were undertakings for reimbursement of any debts paid by the “wrong” party. Each party became the unfettered owner of their dog dynasty. Success!

This was an extremely satisfying outcome to this long running dispute.