Accredited forensic accountant, expert witness, mediator and expert determiner with over 30 years’ experience

A chartered accountant supporting your commercial, civil, criminal and family litigation cases with credible, technical expertise.

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Accredited Forensic Accountant
Accredited Expert Witness
Accredited Mediator
Accredited Expert Determiner

Complex financial evidence made clear

Chris Makin is a highly experienced chartered forensic accountant. With over 30 years’ experience in forensic accounting, mediation and expert determination, he’s written thousands of expert reports, and given expert evidence and conducted mediations more than 100 times each.

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Chris Makin Mediator

Chris was able to place all parties at ease in what was a very tense mediation with parties entrenched in their respective positions. Respect was given to all and the correct amount of appropriately placed humour which is essential in cases like this. Chris was able to very much think outside the box and came up with innovative solutions to the problems at hand.

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Forensic Accounting

Forensic investigation, analysis and reports for complex financial matters to support your legal case

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Expert help to mediate your case to a prompt settlement.

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Expert Determination

Accredited expert determiner to resolve your technical dispute.

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The experience, knowledge and credibility your case needs

Chris Makin has worked on a wide range of cases throughout his career, from criminal and fraud investigations to commercial and matrimonial disputes, as well as professional tribunals and public enquiries.

With a reputation for results and high standards, find out why Chris is the trusted expert chosen time and again.

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Expert Witness Failure

 More inept expert witnesses (and solicitors)…

Posted on 9th May 2024 by Chris Makin

…and an annoyed judge. Those who have read my articles and blogs in recent years will recognise that I have a “thing” about inadequate or incompetent experts.  This “thing” developed over many years; as an expert chartered accountant I found it tiresome to have as an opposing expert a chartered accountant who may have been […]

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