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Why Appoint Chris as Expert Determiner?

Why Appoint Chris as Expert Determiner?

Chris has had vast experience in business and being on the specialist panel of determiners maintained by the President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, he regularly performs expert determinations for parties in dispute.

Chris has technical expertise as a chartered accountant in share valuations, remuneration packages, damages under commercial contracts, professional negligence and tax advice.

He performs expert determinations most often in relation to share valuations, earn–outs and other areas of dispute arising after a change in ownership, or from a section 994 petition.

Chris is extremely experienced and is very unlikely to have any conflict of interest as after a long career in national firms he now works as an independent specialist.

To resolve dilemmas in dispute resolution an expert determiner should be appointed to perform a totally independent expert determination.

Contact Chris to discuss further options and details on how you can appoint him.

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